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      Event location is Wild Horse Pass Raceway Park
                       20,000 Maricopa rd  Chandler, Az
                      Interstate-10 to exit 162 EZ to find
Special Guest-  Mr Jim Wangers
Ames Performance
The Thompsons
Space Age Auto Paint Store
Arizona Chapter POCI  Old Pueblo #29
Butler Performance
Event proceeds go towards the Pontiac Heaven Museum project.  More info linked on home page.
Todd Harding & son Phoenix Swap Meets
Classic Muscle Car LLC
Zimmerman Racing Engines  602-938-7316
Desert Renegades
    POCI chapt 65
Cactus GTO's
Thank you to all who attended and helped out,  you are all so very much appreciated!
2014 event page
Best of Show-  Mark Avakian '66 GTO
Best GTO 1964-5  - Chilli  '64 GTO   

Best GTO  1966-7  - Bill Huck  '67 GTO

Best GTO 1968-9 -  Pat Fykes  '69 GTO

Best GTO 1970-4- Steve Stoiber  '70 GTO

Best Firebird 1967-9- Don Zell  '68 Firebird

Best Firebird 1970-3-  Dave Peterson '70 Formula 

Best Firebird 1974-8- Marco Ramirez  '74 Formula

Best Firebird 1979-81- Tom Rubinate  '81 Trans Am

Best Restored GTO- Jerry Bryant  '69 GTO

Best Restored Firebird- Rich Lussow '68 Firebird

Best Restored Full Size- Kevin DeWitte  '61 Ventura

Best Engine- George Krowsnowski '71 GP

Best Paint- Brian Albrecht '66 Lemans

Best Modified- Mark Leischer "63 Catalina

Favorite Full size- Allen Coloman '64 Catalina

Favorite Grand Prix- Stuart Schindler '69 GP

Favorite GTO- Tank Meilinger '70 GTO

Favorite Tempest/Lemans- Bob Stein '64 Lemans

Favorite Trans Am- Robert Wolf  '78 TA

FavoriteProject- Tommy Thompson '75 Lemans

Special Interest- Mark & Brenda Greenwell '66 Chev van

Favorite Temp
More event pics coming soon.
Mark Batson- runner up
      bracket 1 non elec
Mark Yacavone- Winner
    bracket 2 (non elec)
Trophy winner- Mike Osborn
Trophy runner up-  Paul Westcott
Jim Taylor-  Winner ( electronics )
     Dennis MacDonald-
runner up ( electronics )
Saturday nights and Sundays results on their own pages
17th annual Pontiac Heaven weekend for 2015 will be held April 18 and 19.  Make plans to attend
14th annual Pontiac Heaven

             Show Results-

5 classes below sponsored by Cactus GTOs
Best GTO-
'64-5   Gordie Cowan
'66-7   Mark Avakian
'68-9   Pat Fykes
'70-4   Don Hodd
Favorite Firebird -  Tony Bromley ('67)

5 classes below sponsored by Arizona chapter POCI  #29                                 .                           

Favorite GTO- Larry Hinkle ('66)
Favorite Trans Am- Aaron Wade ('78)
Favorite Lemans/Tempest- Dave Fishgold ('72)
Favorite Bonneville- Jim & Karen Zeivel  ('61)
Best Restored- Tom Locke ( '71 GTO )

3 classes below sponsored by Arizona Pontiac Power Group

Best Modified- Lloyd Hann ( '55 Safari )
Favorite Driver- Keith Collier ( '61 Tempest )
Low ET- Vince Mayeda ( funny car )

Other classes-
Special Interest- Duwayne Neitzel ( '18 Oakland )
Favorite Project- Mark Leischer  ('63 Catalina )
Best Paint- Larry Stetz  ('70 GTO)
Best Engine- Mark & Brenda Greenwell ( '66 van 428 powered )
Best Firebird-
  1967-9-  Erika Painter ('67 )
  1970-3- Norm Haas ( '73)
  1974-8- Marco Ramirez ('74 )
1979-81- no entries
Favorite Catalina/Ventura- Al Coloman ('64
Favorite Grand Prix- Andy Green ('67)
Best of Show- Chili  ('64 GTO)

The 15th annual Pontiac Heaven was held on Saturday Morning, May 4 at the Courtyard by Marriot 1100 s Price rd.  The drag racing portion was held June 14 and 15 at Barona Drag Strip.

Double click to editBest of Show
        Mark Avakian-  '66 GTO

The classes below were sponsored by Cactus GTOs
                        Double click to edit

          Best GTO-  1964-5 
William Clark  '65 GTO conv.

           Best GTO-  1970-4
  Steve Schneider  '72 GTO ht

        Best GTO-  1966-7
Matt Diminico  '67 GTO ht

      Best GTO-  1968-9
Jerry Bryant  '69 GTO ht

     Favorite Firebird -
Don Zell  '68 Firebird

The classes below were sponsored by Arizona Chapter- POCI #29 Old Pueblo  Double click to edit

   Favorite Grand Prix- 
Stuart Schindler 1969

Favorite Lemans/Tempest-
      Steve G.  '69 Lemans

          Favorite Full Size-
Jason Gapen  1964 Bonneville

Favorite Trans Am-
Greg Dalgarn  1970

       Favorite GTO-
Larry Hinkle  '66 GTO

The classes below were sponsored by Arizona Pontiac Power Group-        .              Double click to edit

       Best Firebird 1970-3-
Dave Peterson '70 Formula edit

    Best Firebird 1974-8-
Aaron Wade  '78 Trans Amk to edit

      Best Firebird 1967-9-
Tim Blattner  '69 Firebird edit

Best Firebird 1979-81-
   Jean-Pierre Briettae click to edit

       Favorite Project-
Jack Johnson  '55 Safari

Favorite Project  runner up-
Pat Simmers  '65 Grand Prixe click to edit

          Special Interest-
Dwayne Neitzel  '18 Oakland

          Best Paint-
Tom Rubinate  '65 GTO

             Best Engine-
Mark Leischer  '63 Catalina

           Best Modified-
Glenn Gibbons '64 Lemanse click to edit

       Best Restored-
Rick Johnson  '65 GTO

            Best Interior-
Frank Gostyla  '68 Firebird

         Most Original- 
Keith Collier  '61 Tempesto edit

Favorite Pontiac-
Mark Gacy  '64 GTO

Electronics Winner-
Dennis MacDonald '69 FirebirdDouble click to edit

Electronics r/u-
Jim Taylor  '64 TempestDouble click to edit

Non electronics r/u-
Mick Batson  '67 GTODouble click to edit

Non electronics Winner-
John Yorba  '67 GTO
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Trophy Winner-
Cole Preston  '67 GTO
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Trophy  r/u -
Hubbe Olofsson '68 Firebird
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